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Public Speaking & Social Anxiety Program

Weekly meetings focused on social anxiety and public speaking. Work at your own pace, attempting manageable yet challenging exercises without pressure to perform. With hard work and our systematic approach, confidence and ability will dramatically increase.

Meets Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.,
WPHC Winslow Hall Annex

10 sessions – $250.00 in advance
Second set of ten sessions – $150.00, in advance, as above.
One observation session offered gratis.

If you are tired of being held back, socially and professionally, because of your fears, please contact us today. The program is designed to help you face your fear in manageable steps in a supportive environment.

If you are willing to make a commitment and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable (albeit in manageable increments), you will soon be doing things you never dreamed possible. In fact, you will gain experience in nearly every facet of interpersonal interaction with others who experience the same symptoms in these environments. Exercises from a specially developed workbook are designed to instill confidence as you master the interpersonal skills. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace, attempting exercises that are manageable, yet challenging, without pressure to perform. Each session is viewed as practice, not performance.