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Intensive Course Program

This program is designed for people who live at a distance from White Plains, New York and are able to stay in the area for one to two weeks. As in all our workshops, the Intensive Course Program utilizes CBT techniques, with supported exposure exercises. The client and our staff members develop an individual plan to confront the feared situations, in manageable steps.

The overall program includes:

  • Intake interview with Judy Chessa, L.M.S.W., Coordinator, The Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center.
  • Two to three hours of practice sessions per day with our trained Phobia Counselors, in the context of the phobic situation. When appropriate, clients are then expected to spend additional time during the day completing homework exercises on their own.
  • Attendance at our anxiety and phobia support groups and the Public Speaking/Social Anxiety Group.
  • Instructional materials and other resources.

Accommodation information in the White Plains area is available upon request. We are approximately 20 miles north of New York City, via car or MetroNorth train.

Please note that this program is not covered by insurance.

From our patients….

“I was truly amazed and awestruck by the whole process. I knew that I simply could not do this process alone. I had to be brought into the situation-ready and fully surrendering to this tried and true model of therapy. I want to both applaud and thank all of you as I will never forget my “maiden voyage” and I will continue to work until riding elevators becomes as normal for me as for everyone else. As a professional patient care provider I appreciate competent “over the top” care given with compassion and dedication.”