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Freedom to Fly

Our “Freedom to Fly” workshops are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. The workshop consists of six group meetings, held at Westchester County Airport, on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:30 p.m. Also included are four hours of individual work with one of our certified Phobia Counselors.

The group is led by Thomas Cirolia who is joined by a captain from American Airlines. At the end of each session the class is escorted onto a stationary plane for “desensitization” purposes. Our program is based on a cognitive-behavioral therapy model.

We also take a “graduation flight” together to Boston or Washington, D.C. and back from LaGuardia Airport.

Consider the true cost of your fear. Avoiding air travel means resigning yourself to missed vacations, family gatherings, and other priceless experiences. For those who have to travel for business, your career may be in jeopardy. Don’t let your fears keep you grounded!”

Some of the reasons people avoid flying are: claustrophobia, height phobia, control issues and lack of knowledge about how a plane flies, as Dr. Seif has said, “Anxiety loves ignorance. The mind can go off in a million directions with ‘what if’ catastrophic thoughts. Educating people eliminates many of their concerns.” In the workshop, you will learn anxiety management techniques, plus the facts about how a plane flies. The focus of the group is on learning how to become a comfortable flyer. Whether you fly frequently or haven’t flown in years, the group can help you overcome your fears and become a frequent flyer.

From our patients……:

“I have attempted something I’ve avoided with great fear for close to 11 years.”
“Never have I felt so acknowledged and supported. The workshop helped me recognize myself as more capable than I ever thought I could be.”
“I feel like I have the necessary tools to fly with less anxiety and my anticipatory anxiety has been much less.”
 “ I have a better understanding of how and why I react and what tools I can use to reduce my levels.”
“Understanding that ‘discomfort’ is not danger.”
“I am in Mexico! The flight went well, and I used many of my tools successfully. Thanks to all of you. I couldn’t do this if not for the Freedom to Fly Program.”