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Facing Fear, Feeling Jubilation

Julia attended our Intensive Program. Below is her story in her words.

Dear Judy, Marjorie, and Barbara:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional care that was given to me recently. The intensive program for my elevator/claustrophobia was best suited for my situation and was the right time for me to finally face this issue once and for all. I came to all of you fully ready to confront my phobia but in essence was “scared to pieces.” I knew that in order for me to be successful I had to fully embrace the program and fully trust my care-givers, Marjorie Mottola and Barbara Bonder. I had to surrender and give up control to actually gain control of my fear.

I will never forget the first session with Barbara. She was friendly and understanding and had a determined manner. I knew she wanted me to overcome this challenge-we were going to conquer this! (more…)


Take the Chance, Get Motivated

One of the unique offerings of the Center is its Intensive program. For those people who do not live near the Center, the Intensive Program provides the same therapy as our workshops, but in a condensed time period. The success rate (“clients were much improved”) of the program is very high-as is the motivation of those who make the commitment to overcome their fears. Below is a story of one of those motivated people.

Scott recently attended our Intensive Program. Living too far to attend one of our weekly phobia workshops, Scott signed on to overcome his claustrophobia and worked with two of our Phobia Counselors. Because of his work commitments, Scott’s Intensive schedule was divided among two to three days for two weeks. Phobia Counselor Jackie Kupper interviewed Scott for this article. (more…)


After the First Flight

by Steve M.

I’m writing this little reflection for those who have a phobia about air travel and have managed to fly for the first time in awhile, perhaps through a course like the one offered by the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center, but still have lingering anxiety. I’m doing this because most books and materials seem geared to people who are still in the “avoidance mode” and have either not yet flown or are just making their way back.

If you have that “comeback” flight under your belt, you might ask, “now what?” Most people in this situation will continue to have fears. I speak from experience. I successfully completed the Free to Fly program at the center last May, but knew there was more work to be done if I wanted to achieve my objective, which is being able to fly comfortably-permanently. I had been already chipping away at this phobia for quite some time (by reading and listening to tapes and otherwise thinking about flying), and I knew that once I graduated, I would have to make a commitment to fly frequently in order to “lock in” my gains. (more…)